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Project Overview

  • Region: Africa
  • Program: Volunteer Ghana
  • Location: Koforidua
  • Base Price: £486 for 2 Weeks
  • Price for Extra Weeks: £98
  • Groups & Family: Yes
  • Language Required: Int. English
  • Minimum Duration: 2 Week
  • Minimum Age: 17 Years
  • Accommodation Type: Dorm Home
  • Meals Included: 2 Meals
  • Start Dates: Friday, Every 2 weeks
  • Airport Pick-up: Included in price
  • Travel Insurance Included: Yes

What's not included: Flight, Visa Costs, In-country Transportation

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Project Start Dates, Dutations and Fees

Pay a £175 deposit if you book 12 weeks or more in advance. Otherwise pay in full.

Project Details

Project Overview: Life is hard in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Children who live in rural areas, even just outside the capital city of Koforidua, sometimes lose their parents to this hardship. When this happens, they are brought to government funded orphanages, or those that are privately owned. The smaller orphanages continually suffer a shortage of staff and resources.

You'll be working in one of these smaller private orphanages, helping to comfort the children, better their education, and improve the facilities. These basic homes provide shelter and a feeling of familial life to 6-25 orphans at a time, ranging in age from 1-23. Because the orphanage also has a school attached, you'll have an opportunity to make a bigger impact on each child's life by teaching then at school, connecting with them personally and giving them individual attention in and outside of classes. Your compassion, support, and encouragement will make all the difference in these children's lives, increasing their chances of adjusting to their situation and succeeding in school.

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What will I be doing? You'll help the teachers of the orphanage school with educational activities such as teaching English and other subjects. Arranging fun things to do during play will be a regular duty, as will be working in the kitchen, serving lunch, and assisting the staff in other care-giving tasks. Providing emotional support to these unfortunate children is your most important responsibility.

Where will I be volunteering? You will be based in Koforidua, a medium sized market town in the valleys just an hour's drive north of the capital Accra. Koforidua is the capital of the Eastern Region of Ghana, but unlike Accra and other more popular touristic towns it is very laid back and unhurried. Our home base is situated in a quite and safe neighborhood located 5 minutes from the center of town.

Kofftown, as it is known to its residents is a great location to experience why Ghanaians have a reputation for being kind and very welcoming. It is centrally located, making it an ideal base to volunteer and travel Ghana.

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What will be my schedule? The project schedule requires that you work 4 days a week, Monday to Thursday, for a maximum of 6 hours per day in the mornings.

Read This Project's Testimonials

Below are testimonials of previous volunteers on this project. Click though to their full reports where you can view their video reports, photos and you can also contact them directly by email to ask about their experiences with us in Ghana.

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Ghana is our chosen destination for Africa. This peaceful West African country is renowned for its people's hospitality, friendliness, culture and history. If you are interested in visiting Africa, we recommend you volunteer in Ghana. It's safe, the people are amazingly cheerful, and its diverse climate allows you to experience all that the continent has to offer.